Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using Batch PDF Merger over an online service?

Three words: Security, speed, and size! With online services, you need to upload files to a server, which at times may not have the necessary security features in place to protect confidential Word documents. With a desktop application, every part of the conversion is done on your computer with no file size restrictions or security issues. In addition, running conversions from your personal computer/laptop does not require an internet connection, which makes the process much faster than online docx/doc file converters.

My .docx files have complex graphics in them, will the formatting/styling and graphics remain intact after I convert them to .doc files?

Yes, using the software to convert docx to doc or doc to docx will not affect the styling or the format after conversion.

After converting docx to doc or doc to docx files, can I open the files on a Windows computer?

Absolutely, all Microsoft Office documents are readable by both Mac and WIn computers.

How does Batch Docx Converter process all these files so quickly?

With our powerful programming algorithm, the heavy lifting to carry out docx or doc file conversions is achievable quite quickly - securely on your computer. Your files never leave your desktop.

I just purchased the program and my license key isn't working. What's wrong?

Batch Docx Converter is listed in many software directories on the internet. You may have an older version. You will need to download the latest version and delete the current version. Download the latest version of the software here and try re-entering the license code again.

How do I purchase the product?

You can purchase a full license of Batch Docx Converter at our secure online store. Your personal license allows you to merge an unlimited number of pdf files with zero restrictions. You own the license - for a one-time fee. You'll also get unlimited future software upgrades.

after attempting to convert a few files manually - I did the math...6 hours of manual work. Batch Docx Converter did the job in a few minutes!

-Jill D., University of Michigan